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The game of Texas holdem is something that we have all heard hype about, seen it on TV shows and makes for one of the hottest card games in Poker history.

To a bystander its difficult to know a flop from a fold or river from a runner-runner, and makes him a little bit intimidated. However, the good news is that Texas Hold'em is one of the easiest poker games to learn. A very popular saying about Texas Hold'em that is not far from truth: "it takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master."

Texas Hold’em is so uncomplicated to learn you could sit down and start playing and learn it as you go. You got to have some very basic ideas so that right from your first game, you hold a good chance at winning.

To start the players in the two seats found to the left of the dealer have to pay what is known as a blind that is just a forced bet. The other player has the option of calling the amount of the bigger blind or folding. In case if you fold, you are out of that hand. The pot can also be raised to a certain limit depending on the variety of Texas Hold'em. Every round of card dealing is followed by a round of betting and the same medley: check, bet, call, raise, fold. Check means to pass not really putting money in, bet by putting money in the pot, call by matching the last bet, raise by putting more money in than the last bet, or fold, that is laying down your cards for this hand and not participating.

When post first two cards are dealt and there is a single round of betting, the dealer puts down three community cards, that are called the flop. The community cards and your two pocket cards are used to effect the best poker hand. Just if your pocket cards plus the flop does not equal a decent hand, you should fold. While it is true you could stay in the game and perhaps catch a good hand on the next two cards, which are known as the turn and the river, you have by now seen five of the seven cards you will get to use. The odds of your hand improving in a great way on the next two cards are slim.

Texas hold'em is known as a very hard line game, especially the no limit variety. However, when you are new to the game your main target should be to not lose money, more than to win money. If you focus only on very good hands and fold the rest, odds are already in your favor for winning at the game.

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