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All Blue : A flush including either clubs or spades.

Boardcard: a community card found in the center of the table, as in holdem or omaha.

Common card: a card dealt faceup to be used by all players at the showdown in the games of stud poker whenever there are inadequate cards left in the deck to deal each player a card individually.

Deal off: to obtain all the blinds and the button before changing seats or leaving the table. That is, participate via all the blind positions and the dealer position.

Early position : a position where you must act before most of the players during a round.

Facecard: a king, queen, or a jack.

(1) a players personal cards;
(2) the five cards that determine the poker ranking;
(3) a one poker deal.

Kicker - in a tie hand between one pair, two pair, or three-of-a-kind, the remaining card(s) that make up the hand. The player with the highest card(s) wins.

Live hand - an active hand. One that has not folded.

Maverick - the name of a queen and jack in the pocket. Suited or otherwise.

Muck -1. V. To discard your hand, especially after an opponent reveals a better hand. 2. N. The discard pile.

Overpair - a pocket pair higher than any of the cards on the board.

Pot odd - the odds you get when analyzing the current size of the pot vs. Your next call.

Rat-holing-the illegal action of taking money off the table and putting it somewhere else.

Short buying- purchasing chips after your initial purchase. Usually the minimum for a short buy-in is less than the initial buy-in.

Tap - to wager all one's money in table stakes.

Turn -the fourth community card dealt face up in a hold 'em game.


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