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A big component of Poker is the art of deception. Poker Bluffing is a major feature of the game of poker. Naturally, the rationale of poker bluffing is to make your opponents believe that you have a better hand than you actually have. A lot of new players fall in love with the bluffing concept, and often tend to use it improperly. The value of poker bluffing will amplify under certain scenarios that frequently are correlated to the information you believe to be true about the other poker players. This vague ambiguity makes it difficult to provide strict bluff. Still, letís discuss some handy rules that can be used while bluffing.

If you have a late position at the table and all other players have checked, then there may be some scope for bluffing. It will most definitely compel some players to fold, but maybe, not all. This is a very common bluffing strategy, and some players may stay in the hand because of bet odds, and as they may anticipate that you are bluffing. This is a bluffing technique that requires you to be more persistent over relatively a few betting rounds.

Another good occasion to bluff is when you are playing against tight players (those that have a tendency to fold quickly). If you bluff at some early stage of the hand such as the pre-flop or the flop against a tight player who does not fold, you should critically consider not bluffing at this or a later round.

Another good time to bluff is when there are few players left in a pot. Your chances of pulling off a bluff are much greater with less players than with a large number of players. Not all players will fall for the bait in this scenario, but your chances for success are good, chiefly if you tirelessly bluff over the span of several betting rounds. Certainly, this could turn out to be a costly mistake, if an adversary does not fall for your bluffing strategy.

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